Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bush's Visit = Traffic

Soon to be Former President Bush came and went. He booked the entire King David Hotel for his 500 plus person entourage. The only real effect his visit had on the ground was causing major traffic everywhere he went. Israelis were glued to their radios to learn where he was going next so they could avoid getting stuck in miserable traffic for hours. It dawned on me that this was a fitting way for Emperor Bush to come to Israel/Palestine for the first time. Too little, too late, leaving a trail of frustration and anger in his wake.

Worse even, Bush decided to speak again, which one would think is impossible given the number of times he has stuck his foot in his mouth. This time he predicted a viable peace between the Palestinians and Israel within a year.

Question: Has Georgie Boy's naivete reached new heights or are his writers also on strike?

Speaking of the writer's strike, I'm happy to see John Stewart is back. Here's his take on the Bush visit to Israel:

While Bush was here, the rockets continued to fall on Sderot and the Western Negev, the Israeli Air Force killed 17 terrorists/martyrs in Gaza, and just yesterday the IDF's top secret Duvdevan unit killed an Islamic Jihad commander in the West Bank.

Here's my latest video report from Sderot:

Peace does not come from foolishly optimistic predictions.
Peace is the result of hard work and a generation of reeducation.
Peace comes when both sides sacrifice certain dreams and compromise more than they can stomach.
Real peace exists only when real hatred is replaced by true love.