Thursday, October 30, 2008

Falafel TV US Election Special

Two Important Announcements:

1. Everyone make sure to catch Falafel TV's US Election Special from Israel, which will air this weekend on CNN World Report.

2. Everyone make sure to vote. I just sent in my absentee ballot from Israel, so you have no excuse. If you need me to tell you who to vote for, I will be happy to do so.

Here is the program schedule for wherever you are in the world:

SATURDAY: 1) 08:00A GMT / 16:00P Hong Kong / 19:00P Sydney / 06:00A Buenos Aires / 04:00A EST

2) 18:00P GMT / 02:00A (Sunday) Hong Kong / 05:00A (Sunday) Sydney / 16:00P Buenos Aires / 14:00P EDT – extra airing

SUNDAY: 1) 12:30P GMT / 20:30P Hong Kong / 23:30P Sydney / 10:30A Buenos Aires / 07:30A EST

2) 18:30P GMT / 02:30A (Monday) Hong Kong / 05:30A (Monday) Sydney / 16:30P Buenos Aires / 13:30P EST – extra airing

MONDAY: 09:30A GMT /17:30P Hong Kong / 20:30P Sydney/ 07:30A Buenos Aires /04:30A EST

TUESDAY: 04:00A GMT / 12:00P Hong Kong / 15:00P Sydney / 02:00A Buenos Aires / 23:00P EST (Monday)


World Report is available free-of-charge on the internet, just go to and click on Live Video at the following times:

SATURDAY: 17:00P GMT / 01:00A (Sunday) Hong Kong / 15:00P Buenos Aires / 04:00A (Sunday) Sydney / 13:00P EST

SUNDAY: 14:30P GMT / 22:30P Hong Kong / 12:30P Buenos Aires / 01:30A (Monday) Sydney / 09:30A EST

MONDAY – only on CNN Mobile: 07:30A GMT / 15:30P Hong Kong / 05:30A Buenos Aires / 18:30P Sydney / 02:30A EST

TUESDAY: 04:00A GMT / 12:00P Hong Kong / 02:00A Buenos Aires / 14:00P Sydney / 23:00P (Monday) EST

THURSDAY: 03:30A GMT / 11:30A Hong Kong / 13:30P Sydney / 01:30A Buenos Aires / 22:30P (Wednesday) EST

The show is also available streamed on the website

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