Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Check out this Half-Hour Special on Current TV

A couple of my pieces from Southern Israel (Sderot) are shown in this Gaza special which aired on Current TV Sunday night. They also showed the work of my Gazan colleague, Zouheir Al-Najjar. Zouheir gets incredible access to the underground tunnels near Rafah, as well as the blindfold treatment as he gets to see how Qassam rockets are made.

Here's the link

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Val said...

Good reportages, beacause it shows unusual and unknown things. Biased reportage, because the point of view is evidently not impartial. Probably is not possible to be objective, especially for you and especially about the war against Gaza. But IMHO the treatment of the Palestinian people is so injust and oppressive, and this war so disgraceful, that any documentary on the Qassam rockets sounds to me as propaganda. I know it is not, but is what I feel.