Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Israeli Left

In Israeli politics today, there isn't much left of the left. Almost all parties in this political bloc will need to pick up the pieces after this recent election and reinvent themselves if they ever want to influence policy again.

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset

Colette Avital from the Labor Party

Check out the video I made for NYT on the Israeli Left

It is worth noting the final election results of the four parties mentioned in the piece:

The Green Movement did not get enough votes to pass the threshold and will not be in the Knesset.

The Hadash Party gained one seat and will now have four mandates in the Knesset.

Meretz lost two seats and finished with only three mandates.

Labor lost six seats and ended up with only thirteen, and are clearly at their lowest point in their storied history as the founding political party of Israel.

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