Sunday, February 14, 2010

Israel to Re-Route Barrier

Interesting timing...more than two years since the Supreme Court in Israel ruled the route of the security barrier/separation wall near Bil'in to be illegal, the construction of the new route is finally underway, according to Israeli officials and activists. Perhaps it is the recent media attention given to the protests, but is probably just a coincidence. The two-year lag is most likely connected to the lethargic and hyper-bureaucratic nature of non-wartime Israeli government decisions, especially when dealing with sub-contractors, especially when dealing with a so-called security issue, and especially when it involves giving land to the Palestinians. Despite being as slow as molasses, it's refreshing to see that there is some semblance of "rule of law" in the Wild West Bank.

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Lirun said...

but do u see this as "giving land"? this view would dovetail more with the notion that the wall is simply a land grab.. do you think that?