Friday, May 14, 2010

Insightful Haaretz Article

I just got around to catching up with the news from Isratine, after a week I spent in the UK covering the elections there. It was refreshing being in a country where the most important item to discuss, in this order, are the weather, football, and the weather.

I want to highlight an interesting story I read in Haaretz.

In an article by Amira Hass, it shows some of the devious tactics the Shin Bet (Israeli intelligence services) to get Palestinians to work as snitches for Israel. They essentially give two Palestinian medical students an ultimatum, to become an informant for Israel or lose out on a chance to fulfill your dream of becoming a doctor. I have heard of many cases like this firsthand, where desperate kids are bribed or blackmailed. Work for Israel, or give up what you love most.
Read it here.

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