Monday, February 27, 2012

NY Video Journalists

I thought this would be an appropriate first logo

I'm excited to announce the creation of NY Video Journalists.  I decided to create this real life group to because I noticed that my NY based video journalist and doc filmmaker friends were constantly looking for people to collaborate with but had no idea how to find them.  

So I posted this invite on as an experiment to see if people would be interested:

Video journalists, documentarians, and multimedia storytellers, let's hang out one night a month, bring an exotic beverage of your choice and one to share, and talk about the art/profession/hobby we all love. We're here to have a good time, learn some things, screen some things, make connections, collaborate, talk about projects, ideas, or do whatever the hell people want.
First meetup will be in late March.  Send some ideas.  Let's do this !

I was pleasantly surprised to see 31 members join in less than 24 hours without any marketing whatsoever.  In today's virtual world, clearly people see there is value to real-life face to face interaction with our peers and colleagues. So I decided that this is a worthy cause and to go for it, but I want other people to get involved and help shape the direction of the group.   I'd like to make the content of the group an exercise in democracy.  So if you're an NYC VJ, doc filmmaker, and/or multimedia storyteller who wants to help plan a monthly meetup with me or has some ideas for programming, let me know.

You're invited to join the group here:

First meetup will be in late March.  I'm stoked !

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