Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm Writing Again

This is a long time coming.  For 3 years I've been in the trenches. Founding, running, and growing a start up from the ground up is no easy task.  Actually, it's a lot like freelance war reporting (more on that in a subsequent post). It's been an incredible experience, and one that thankfully is far from over. Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team and community, Storyhunter is now growing rapidly. 

What I realized is that in the myriad team meetings, investor meetings, sales calls, presentations, conferences, UX/UI wire framing sessions, design critiques, and the countless hours spent thinking about strategy and growth, I have neglected one of my favorite pastimes:


It is actually more than a pastime. I used to make a living doing it.  It was my profession.  What I didn't realize until now is that, on some basic level, it was also a need. 

The reasons I'm writing again are plenty.  Here are 4 that come to mind: 

1. It makes me feel good
2. It crystallizes my thinking about world
3. It helps me understand myself
4. It changes my brain

Let me explain point 4.  When I write I feel like my brain chemistry changes. I honestly feel different.  I am more open to people and ideas. I feel a sense of calm about the world.  I feel like I am back in a curious mindset, rather than one who already knows it all.  The cogent ideas that emerge clear out cobwebs in the attic of my mind.  The inner exploration writing requires leads to many cathartic moments.   This is the power of writing, and I'm so excited to be re-discovering it.

So yeah, starting now, I am once again a writer, and this now antiquated Blogger-powered website will be my cave wall.  I'm not sure right now how disciplined I can/will be.  I can't promise a long post every time.  Or a poetic or profound one.  All I know is that it feels good to be typing freely again.